Produkte: Virtueller Lernbegleiter

You are teacher or trainer responsible for the individual supervision and support planning of your students? You as a school principal, ensures that support and educational goals are achieved? The Virtual Learning Guide will help you to achieve these goals.

Sensible promotion planning

For good reason, the written promotion plan in the field of special education is given a high priority. This plan determines what support learners should receive. In this way, the quality of support and education is sustainably improved. However, this also considerably increases the administrative effort.

The Learning Guide minimizes the effort

The Virtual Learning Guide helps you to fulfil planning and documentation duties quickly, easily and safely, so that your hands and head remain free for the actual pedagogical tasks:

The most important at a glance

  • You cover the entire process from the description of the current situation to the objectives and pedagogical intervention at a central point.
  • The learning progress is documented in a comprehensible and uniform way. Goals, plans and successes are always in view whenever necessary.
  • You can communicate and coordinate measures and developments with colleagues via the learning guide.
  • All documentation and plans are centrally accessible for authorized persons; no duplicates are created and the protection of personal data is ensured.