We take care that the look & feel of your application is practicable and attractive: easy access, free view of content and smart functionality. 

During our presentation our customers are often wondering: 

 And this is a Moodle system, really? I didn´t know it can look like this

The background: We are optimizing the standard interface and simplify their operation.

Learning is the focus

The learner wants to learn with the system – not the handling of the software itself, but the stored contents. Most of the time they only need some functions that are clearly recognizable and easily accessible. The essentials are happening in the brain of the learner, not in the software.

Administration - practical and simple

Administrators and lecturers are usually not software experts and they don´t have to be that. They usually do not work with the system every day, they are not the so called 'power users'. Also for them it is helpful to have a reduced surface with essential functions to fulfil their daily work.

Functional, smart and chic

Not only simplification is responsible for user-friendliness. Also the design is playing a key role.

Despite all professionalism, you and your employees should also like to use the software, and it must fit the company - also visually. This is ensured by your CI standards and our designers.