Produkte: Soon-Trainer

The only genuine competencies are those acquired through actual experience. But a surgeon can’t learn to operate on an open heart. Sales training with actual customers might prove expensive for the company. The Soon Trainer uses e-learning to simulate complex situations and provides a realistic learning environment for hands-on training.

Learning in complex situations

In our daily work we face a multitude of unique situations that often involve complex layers of information. To make well-founded decisions, we must take these many factors into account.

The trainer cannot be replaced

Standard learning programs, multiple-choice tests, and webinars can only go so far in preparing us for real-life applications. What is usually required is face-to-face instruction from a trainer in the classroom.

  But what would it be like to have the experience of a well-versed trainer within your reach while still enjoying the cost benefits of e-learning?

Simulating actual practice

The Soon Trainer meets these challenges. Complex learning situations are presented in interactive e-learning modules, simulating realistic workplace and decision-making situations in online training sessions.

Realistic case studies via e-learning

Soon Trainer learning programs are based on case studies, which you work on either with us or independently in interactive online training. You can integrate text information, images, graphics, videos, and other media at any point. This makes it possible to easily create practice-oriented case studies in just a few days, as well as to update them later.

The program as a virtual tutor

An interactive teaching program is created, allowing the learners to collect information, form hypotheses, and test solutions. The module analyzes the learners’ progress, calling their attention to premature conclusions which were made without an adequate factual basis – or confirming well-founded decisions.

Like other e-learning modules, a Soon Trainer program can easily be distributed and updated on a learning platform.