Soon-Systems supports learning and development processes in companies and organizations

We are planning and realizing individual learning environments for practice-oriented teaching promote individual learning guidance in educational institutions and support the strategic personnel development in companies. We serve Universities, private and public educational institutions and industrial enterprises. Our philosophy is to find pragmatic and at the same time sustainable solutions.


E-Learning mit der Soon-Community  With the Soon Learning Platform Service we support you on your way to get an efficient and effective learning environment in the internet. We assist with technical and didactical-pedagogical concepts,   we are realizing the adaption to your business process in a flexible way and we give you longtime support with operation, training and expansion of your e-learning platform. 

Fallbasiertes E-Learning mit dem Soon-Trainer With the Soon-Trainer for problem based e-learning you will offer realistic scenarios from daily work practice to the learner. So you can impart your learning content in a practical, sustainable, lively and motivating way.

Personalentwicklungsmatrix  The  personnel development matrix ensures that your company uses valuable results from employee appraisals and evaluations in a targeted, strategic and objective manner. Individual developments as well as team and department profiles can be evaluated, analyzed and compared.

Virtueller Lernbegleiter  Documenting and planning solutions from Soon-Systems enable you to create support and therapy plans in order to ensure the permanent and legally compliant care of students, clients and patients. Learn more about it!

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