Lösungen für die Personalentwicklung

Is your personnel development strategy a gut instinct or are you planning long term and strategic? Does the education, training and further education play a key role in your institution? Do you conduct regular staff appraisals? Are you setting clear goals?

Personnel development in mid-sized companies

Targeted and strategically oriented personnel work has become an important competitive factor not only for large companies. Small and medium-sized companies in particular should be aware of how they can support their employees with personnel work in a useful way.

Access performance, targeted promotion

A transparency about the employee resources is only possible if personnel managers collect and evaluate relevant information over a long term and draw appropriate conclusions.

We support you organizationally and technically:

  • in the analysis of job descriptions and the creation of requirement and competence profiles,
  • in the organization, administration and evaluation of employee appraisals,
  • with instruments to pursue agreed objectives,
  • in the establishment and expansion of a company-internal training system, training and course administration as well as e-learning,
  • in the organization and technical implementation of employee surveys and evaluations